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East Gippsland Dog Obedience Club

Beginners Intake
 1st Sunday of any month excluding December and January.



Drawn at the trial on Sunday 9/6/19

1st Prize:*2 nights, self-contained Deluxe Cabinfor 2 people & their  4-legged bestfriend/s, Blackdog Wear Gear Bag & Love ‘Em Treats

Value: $630

won by Monica Christopher


2nd Prize: Dog bed, towel, blanket, dog caddy with accessories, wine glasses, local red wine & Love ‘Em treats

Value: $100

won by Janice Vanatta


3rd Prize: Trampoline Dog Bed, Blackdog Wear bag, dog caddy with accessories, towel, Kong Toy & Love ‘Em treats

Value: $60

won by Gail & Peter Lopez.

CPR Brochure

Click on the picture above for a brochure on how to resuscitate your pet.


Click here for information.

Best Friends Holiday Retreat

Click the Home button to continue to our site.


Our website generously hosted by:


0409 214 926

Hot Weather!

For safety reasons -- If the temperature on the Saturday ABC 7:00 pm News is forecast to be 35 C or over, all classes after 9:00 am on Sunday are cancelled. In temperatures up to 35 C, handlers are to use their own discretion. Note: The Club urges all members to consider their personal safety and that of their dogs in hot weather.

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